Be Done, It’s OK

“You have to be able to recognize the need to be done.”

There are times where you just aren’t feeling it.  It happens, you’re human.  This might be more true if your goal is to compete in CrossFit or some other sport.  There will be times that you head into the gym with full intentions of hitting it hard and having the best training session ever.  After a warm up something just feels off.  Your energy is low.  The uncertainty creeps in.

What happens next is important.  There’s a decision to be made.  First we need to answer a question “What choice can I make, right now, that moves me closer to my goal?”

You’ve undoubtedly heard coaches tell you to “Push through!” and in some cases that’s what’s needed.  But every so often the right thing to do is be done.  Be done.  I wrote that twice because it’s important to understand.

From time to time I see an athlete that’s exhausted, either mentally and or physically.  There could be myriad of possibilities why.  Maybe we over-reached a little too much, under-recovered, under-ate, whatever.  Doesn’t matter much at the time, we can figure it out later.  The right thing to do in that case is to be smart, and pull the plug on the session.  We aren’t after beat downs, we’re after successful training sessions.  Live to fight another day.

Be coachable.  Be observant.  Be aware.  And sometimes…be done.

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