603 Endurance Course

04/30/2017 - 9:00am

CrossFit 603 and Alvirne High School

This 6 week program is designed around individual endurance goals. Whether your goal is a 5k, half, full marathon, or just to improve your running, this is for you.
All abilities are welcome!
●Participants will join Coach Nicole at a local track on Sundays to be coached through a warm up, workout, tips and strategies to improve, and more.
●You’ll also receive a custom workout plan for the week tailored to your specific goal, mobility, stability, and strength ‘homework’ depending on need.
●First track meet/workout will be on Sunday 4/30 at 9:00am and run each following Sunday.
●For questions or more info please EMAIL HERE.

Cost is $135/per person
Participants can REGISTER HERE.