603 Mindful Nutrition Seminar

04/26/2015 - 10:30am

CrossFit 603

Mindful Nutrition Seminar

Nutrition can be confusing but, it doesn’t have to be.  Everyone likes simple so, that’s what we’ve done.  We’ve taken what can be an overwhelming idea and boiled it down into a simple, easy to apply method.

Details and Expectations

  • Understand the basics of macronutrients (proteins, carbohydrates, and fats) and their roles in your body.
  • Learn how to figure out and maintain proper calorie balance without the need to count every calorie.  (you read that right)
  • Learn how to optimize nutrition to achieve your individual goals.
  • Learn how to make mindful nutrition choices without becoming overwhelmed.
  • Understand basic supplements and which ones you may want to consider if any.
  • Learn what realistic (best) expectations for body composition changes are.
  • Individual goals such as body composition changes, overall health, and performance, will be addressed.
  • Dispelling common myths such as:  It costs too much to eat better.  Hint – FALSE. We’ll show you how.
  • Learn how to make food fun and how to not stress about your choices.
  • Expect to leave with a plan to get started right away!
  • Learn how to become Mindful about Nutrition.
  • 4/26/2015 at 10:30am until about 12:00pm (based on amount of questions we receive)
  • Cost $20 per person
  • We will plan on allowing plenty of time for Q&A.  We will hang out as long as needed you won’t leave with questions.