Learn to Move On

“Sulking won’t get you anything.”

A quote from Dr. Bob Rotella

There will be days in training as well as competition, that things don’t go your way.  Learn to move on.  No good comes from dwelling, in any sport, nor in life.  You must adapt and be prepared for the next challenge.  When the day comes that things don’t go your way, and that day will come, be ready to move on.

Play your game.

Let’s use basketball as our example.  The saying “Let shooters shoot.” confuses people.  To the untrained eye when a shooter continues to miss shots and things don’t go their way, there should be an adjustment.  But to the shooter and coach there’s an understanding and a plan that needs to be followed.  Eventually, if the shooter can relax and move on from previous misses, their skill will take over.  The shots will fall.  This would become impossible if the shooter wasn’t allowed to shoot.

The best shooter isn’t worried about their shot while they’re taking it and they certainly aren’t worried about the outcome.  The only concern is that they continue to play their game.  They’ve worked for hours and months and years to develop a shot.  To become frustrated would be futile.  Instead, the best shooters are able to rely on their skill set and to do so without thinking.

This is a large part of the champions mindset.

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