You Need to Train as Often as…

How often should you be training?

Here’s a question I get quite often.  It used to be difficult for me to answer.  Everyone is so different.  How you recover from training will be completely different than how someone else recover.  We’ve got to consider nutrition, lifestyle, sleep, and more!  How could I possibly know?  I was looking at it the wrong way.  The answer is rather simple.

You should train as much as you can recover from.  It’s as simple as that.

A better question might be:  How do we figure that out?

I generally err on the side of caution when starting out new athletes.  We want to increase their volume in a controlled way.  The last thing we want is for someone to overdo it and have to take extended time off of training or worse.  This is where proper scaling and being coachable comes into play.

Ramping up volume slowly doesn’t mean only coming into the gym 2 or 3 times a week.  It means having a discussion with a coach and putting a plan into place.  We need to keep an eye on individual limitations, past injuries, and lifestyle.  For example, say we have an athlete whose career is as a firefighter.  The last thing we want is for them to become so run down that it puts their ability to save lives at risk.  In that case we may limit certain movements that could cause possible excessive soreness.  We’ll also want to spend some time feeling things out when we know we have some down time after to work with, just in case.

You can train often without becoming worried.  Intelligence will win here.

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